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Understanding Direct Response Advertising


DRTV or Direct Response TV isn't a new form of TV. As a matter of fact, this has been around for decades. Basically, DRTV is a TV commercial but the difference is that it has an 800 number to which consumers can contact directly while the commercial is aired. It is a TV ad that normally lasts longer than the typical 30 seconds to 1 minute with the goal of providing a comprehensive info on the service or product advertised.

DRTVs are more suited for new services or product, the type that haven't been introduced yet to retail market similar to vacuum sealed clothes bag, battery operated split end trimmer, boyfriend arm shaped pillows, oscillating barbells, flatulence odor absorbing blankets. These said products are typically patented and newly invented and mostly time comical. They're sold first on TV through DRTV that usually lasts for 2 minutes or at times, 20 to 30 minutes which depend on the preference of service producer or product.

DRTVs are a lot more complex compared to regular TV ads as well as infomercials whose main requirement are services of direct response advertising agency, production outfit and media planning agency. Successfully launching and managing DRTV on the other hand would need a solid sort of machinery that is covering production, call center support, media buying, order processing as well as freight management to name a few.

Due to the difficulty of having to manage the whole DRTV management and production, many multimedia and video companies are expanding to be able to provide the services necessary for DRTV production and management. This actually makes the entire process a lot easier for producers since all tasks may be centralized into just one service, which in turn is a lot more profitable for the company's production.

While actual DRTV production process must be easy enough because they're more often than not, low budget, focused more on providing info than on the visual appeal, it is the entire management and the follow through system that is making this complicated and tricky to do. There's a team of people, a pool of customer service agents, call center agents as well that are required every single time that the ads are aired for processing the orders.

Despite the fact that it isn't easy to do, still direct response television marketing is a very effective way of marketing new services and products as it provide valuable information among people. Click here to hire an infomercial company for your business.


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